Eurotruss Stage SR40 14x18m

Eurotruss Stage SR40 14x18m



Scene  Eurotruss  SR  40  with  NSS  floor


Very nice from 2015 and worked with same crew all 3 years.

The crew is on 7 good workers.


Its 100% ready. 



01 x 14,8  x  18 m  stage with      +10  m  clearence 


02  x  dog huse  each  6 x12  m,    waterproff connection with roof site.

01 x Loading  dock  i  14,4  x3,6  m

01 x Ramp  to  stage  -  3,6m 

01 x FOH  tent  6x6  with floor.  


Special  beams  for  fixing tower and ballast.

 25ballast  concrete  each  1,3  tons

06D8+  1  tons  Movecat  hoist  + wireless controll.

All equipment is boxed in barrel system. -Floor, truss, roofcover, FOH etc. 

LED  worklight for doghouse - loading dock - all nessesery cables etc.


Can be transported on  3  pcs  13,6  meter  trailer.

And still have room for a  2,5  tons  manitou  loader (not included)



EUR: 357.000,- DKK: 2.655.000,- QTY: 1 REF.NO: Ref18-102 SR40


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