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Sennheiser EM2050


2x Sennheiser EM2050 CW 2-channel receiver (718-790 MHz)

4x Sennheiser SKM2000 BK CW handheld

4x Sennheiser MMD935 head for SK2000 dynamic

4x Sennheiser SK2000 CW beltpack

4x Sennheiser clamp for handheld-transmitter

1x UHF BNC-Connectorpanel 2x BNC incl. 2x BNC patchcable

2x Sennheiser rod antenna UHF BNC for Sennheiser EM 2050

2x antenna cable 50 Ohm, 0,50m / 2′


Product warranty 48 timer
Product age 6-10
Product usage Events
NS Brands Sennheiser

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