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Some have it, others don´t. One of our key points of success in Nordic Sales’s ambition to deliver solutions and products are the best in performance, provides value for money and, not least, pro­vide a good and visible results.

With this ambition in mind, we have created a company that for many years has delivered trustfull deals - which has given great recognition, and created our reference database, which we are proud to present.

Nordic Sales is a dynamic company with lots of experienced forces as well as a complete team that make up the industries best.

Nordic Sales  are specialist in 2nd Hand AV, lighting, sound, staging and staging supplies. We connect international buyers and sellers of professional sound, light, stage, AV and live performance equipment.

Nordic Sales offers a strong range and we have a close coopera­tion with Denmark’s leading technicians and specialists.



Nordic Sales is part of the Matrix Group - a group of companies, which together constitute one of the major players in the market, the provision of products and system solutions.

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