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LSC Mantra Lite DEMO


LSC Mantra Lite is the desk that allows you to control intelligent lamps such as. LED lamps and moving light setups, without having to read a 300 page thick manual. 

Mantra's app-like interface makes programming fast and much easier for new users to access. It combines the best of father desks with the benefits of the built-in touch screen, to make it all as easy as possible to go to. 

With Mantra Lite you can control up to 24 lamps on the 24 faders dedicated to fixtures. In addition, it has 10 fathers with dedicated flash buttons and up to 250 cues per. cuelist. and 10 pages.


Specifikationer (Engelsk):

  • Number of Fixtures: 24
  • Control LEDs, moving lights or generic fixtures: Yes
  • Number of Playback Faders: 10
  • Masters: 2 - Playback and Fixture
  • Number of Cues/Animations: 100
  • DMX outputs on XLR connector: 1 x DMX512-A (E1-11)
  • DMX output on sACN or Art-Net: Yes
  • RDM enabled: Yes
  • Colour Touchscreen with simple and intuitive navigation: Yes
  • Touchscreen: 18cm capacitive with 5-point multi-touch
  • Internal storage: 4GB SD Card (standard) expandable to 64GB
  • Data backup: Via USB memory stick
  • Power brownout protection: Internal UPS providing 5 seconds of power for Auto show save
  • Power supply: Nominal 100-240 Volts, 50-60Hz
  • Power Input Connection: IEC socket - mains cable provided
  • Construction: Corrosion resistant steel finished in powder coating with hard-wearing polycarbonate front panel Lexan
  • Product Dimensions - W x D x H: 490 x 330 x 80 mm
  • Product Weight (Packed): 7 kg


Product warranty 90 days
Product age 0-3
NS Brands LSC

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