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Antari DNG-200 Low Fog Machine


Antari DNG-200 Low Fog Generator is an easy and efficient solution for low fog power, and it is incl. flightcase. Key features:

     Co2 effect without the use of Co2
     2. Powerful compressor that provides a continuous low fog output
     3. Efficient heat exchanger enables the Antari DNG-200 to make a massive output
     4. Flightcase with strong wheels makes the machine easy to handle and ideal for touring

The machine differs from other products on the market in that it produces low fog directly from the nozzle, without the use of Co2. This makes it much easier to handle as you get rid of the hassle of Co2 installations. The DNG-200 low fog machine is simple to operate, and as the machine is delivered in a flight case with strong wheels, it is very easy to handle.



  • Voltage: Europe version / 230 Volt
  • Power: AC 220-240V / 50-60Hz
  • Heater: 2500W
  • Output: 80m2 / min.
  • First Heat-Up Time: 12min.
  • Liquid Used: Antari FLC Water-based Fluid 
  • Tank Capacity: 10 liter
  • Fluid Consumption Rate: 11 min / liter (High output)
  • DMX: On board
  • Weight : 120Kg.
  • Dimensions (mm) : L 780 W 608 H 715
  • Remote Included: D-20 Control Module
  • Accessory Included : 3M Fog Conducting Hose
  • Inclusive: FDNG-200 Flight Case


Product use condition B-Stock, as new but used for demo etc.
Product warranty 90 days
Product age 0-3
Product Application Light Smoke
NS Brands Antari

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