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BSS MSR Splitter


7 x BSS MSR 602 II

32 x BSS MSR 604 II


The MSR-604 II is a 4-channel one by four, active microphone/line level distribution system, capable of supplying 4, 8, 12, or 16 outputs from a single input.

Each channel features:


  • Electronically balanced input with transformer option.
  • MIC/LINE switching, GAIN switching.
  • LISTEN facility for monitoring via the MSR-602 II PSU.
  • Phantom power.
  • Active outputs for main FOH and monitor consoles.
  • Two transformer-coupled feeds giving 2500V isolation for any application requiring isolation from the main PA system.

The system requires an MSR-602 II power supply, and is compatible with existing MSR-604 units (adapter cables required).


  • MSR-TIXII Input balancing kit.
  • MSR-TOXII Output balancing for FOH and monitor outputs.
  • 604-II-ADK PSU adapter cable for use with MSR-604 type 1 units.

The MSR-602 II is the power supply for the MSR-604 II and will run 5 MSR-604 II units. The unit also provides the headphone monitor output and signal metering. Two MSR-602 II units may be linked for fail-safe operation.



Product use condition Good, used but good condition
Product warranty 48 timer
Product age 6-10
Product usage Touring
Product case No case
Product Application Sound Cable and Converter
NS Brands BSS

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