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MIDAS H2000 48

Heritage 2000
The Heritage 2000 offers all the superb audio performance and automation features of the Heritage 3000 in a package that is entirely dedicated to FOH duties.
It is suitable for a variety of applications from rock and roll to theatre to large-scale conferences and conventions and of course OB vehicles. As with all consoles in the Heritage range, the Heritage 2000 sports the Midas Heritage mic preamp, which is of the highest quality yet produced by Midas, as well as the EQ section. Sophisticated automation via the on-board computer enables the console to memorise all of the input fader positions to be recalled at a later date, and also memorises the mute status of the board.
Another feature shared with the Heritage 3000 is the Stereo Imaging System (SISTM) with true LCR panning and an image width control device that is unique to the Heritage Series.
For applications where large numbers of Aux sends are not required, the Heritage 2000 enables customers to benefit from the technology, legacy and quality of the 3000, with the advantage of a dedicated FOH control surface.
Key Features:
EQ: 4 band fully-parametric
Direct Output: Front panel switchable and level control
SISTM panning with IMAGE control
12 Aux Sends, 12 Audio Sub Groups, 10 VCAs, 10 automute groups 15 x 8 matrix
Automation: snapshot automation of VCA routing, mutes, all channel and VCA levelsHe


Product warranty 48 timer
Product age 6-10
Product usage Events
Product case Single

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