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CM Lodestar Model F 500kg


12x CM Lodestar Model F 500kg Low Voltage with 18m chain.
1x Outboard LV12 Chain Hoist Controller.
All necessary cabling in various lengths included.
Motors recently serviced and ready for use.


Features and benefits: 

  • Tough lightweight aluminium alloy totally covers the mechanical and electrical components providing protection and efficient heat dissipation. The design enables easy access for installation and service.
  • Adjustable upper and lower limit switches.
  • 48v control, IP65 pendant as standard 
  • Thermal overload protection as standard 
  • FEM classification 2m (50% duty- 30 minutes continuous use per hour) 
  • Motor classification H4.
  • Excellent closed height dimensions. 
  • A lifetime lubricated gearbox, which contributes to exceptional service and maintenance characteristics. 
  • Single phase hoist supplied with handles and 1 mtr supply cable with Cee- Form plug. 
  • Load hook with axial bearing. 
  • ideal for long height of lifts 


Product warranty 48 timer
Product age 6-10
Product usage Events
Product case Custom case
Product Application Staging Hoist
NS Brands Lodestar

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